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Why Donate to Dianova?

online donations to dianova

Dianova has been granted by the Quebec Ministry of Health & Social Service a certification which guarantees the quality of its professional care, services and facility. Such certification demanded a significant financial commitment on behalf of Dianova, however it does not involve any subsidy whatsoever.

To continue to offer the best quality services for at-risk youth, homeless people or substance abusers, we need all the help we can get. That's why we invite you to participate in our action by making a donation.

You will find on these pages all participation modalities: ongoing funding orproject funding, in monies or assets, now or by bequest, bequeathing a life insurance policy of offering a real estate property, a RRSP, assets which you no longer need, your company's overstock merchandise, or, more simply, a bit of your time as a volunteer. There are a thousand ways to be generous, choose one that best suits your expectations or design a personal, specific project.

Honours Board

Every donor of more than 5,000$ will be acknowledged on Dianova's Honours Board.

Most important of all

You care about your community and wish to help those in need around you.


Please contact our DONATION SERVICE

Telephone: 514-875-7013

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