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About Dianova in Canada

Excerpt from the statutes of the Organization

The nature of the corporation

Dianova Canada is a non-profit corporation for its members (charity number: 123654188RR0001) constituted September 7th 1989, under the part II regime of the law on Canadian Corporations, with its charitable goals, training, and assistance. The corporation's head office is in Montreal, in the province of Quebec, at the address established by the administrators and designated to the annual declarations of the Corporation.

Representative bodies

The Corporation acts through its representative bodies: the administrative counsel, the delegates, the member assembly and the representatives. These bodies represent the Corporation within the boundaries of the law, its rules of application, the patent letters or the rules of the Corporation.

Members assembly

An annual members general meeting must take place at least once every civil year, no more than fifteen months after the last annual assembly, and in the six months following the end of the fiscal year. During these assemblies, the members meet to receive and assess the financial situation of the Corporation and auditors report, elect the administrators, nominate one or more auditors as well as take notice of and make decisions on all other affairs included in the mandate of the general assembly as prescribed by law.


Since 1989, Dianova has been helping thousands of people in Canada, through programs primarily offered to people struggling with drug or alcohol abuse.

Dianova is a non-profit organization that has been working with vulnerable people since 1989. Its programs are designed to help people regain their independence.

Dianova provides services to adult men and women with drug, alcohol and drug problems, those experiencing chronic or episodic homelessness and since 2016 is active with young people and young adults with autism spectrum disorder.
The activities are aimed primarily at residents of the Montreal Metropolitan Community usually called Greater Montreal.

The Terrebonne Addiction Treatment Center is certified by the Centre iIntégré de Santé et Services Sociaux de Lanaudière. It has been certified since 2002.

In order to meet the needs of those people, Dianova provides additional services to homeless people or at-risk of homelessness through housing with community support and it is now developing a Quebec Bill of Rights to ensure specific development in this prospect.

Dianova Quebec is incorporated since January 11 2008, under the Law on Quebec Companies, Part III (L.R.Q., chap. C-38, art. 218).