Social Housing



"your community is counting on you!"

IWith 30,000 homeless in the streets of Montreal and an increase of over 16% of shelter attendance in just four years, we must engage and focus on sustainable reintegration measures!

Daniel Legault

For over 10 years I have been committed to the Dianova organization by appreciating its impact on my community and defining my ability to contribute to this cause.  I invite you to join me in the club of Dianova regular donors. Click "Donate" and you will immediately receive a tax receipt by email.

I am sensitive to the difficulties faced by people in developing countries, and of course I am appalled when I see large numbers of individuals, families and communities affected by major weather disasters on our planet. And I give to such causes regularly.

Every day I see people affected by addiction problems and homelessness in my neighborhood and my city.   

I have understood for a long time that although Community action must promote its benefits to governments and get support from them, however, no quality community development is possible without the regular support of its population.

For these reasons I have chosen to financially support Dianova, which helps people find a long lasting solution to their condition. Can we continue to support the increasing occupancy of shelters without strengthening treatment measures in Quebec? Personally I think one thing must not go without the other!

I joined Dianova’s board of directors in 2012. I realize, again and again, the difficulty of managing an organization that must handle a continually increasing number of requests, also working to improve the quality of services, with an added challenge of limited incomes that are subject to change depending on political orientation.

I am on a mission to gather a group of regular donors who are committed to contribute annually. I count on you, Dianova is counting on you, and vulnerable people in your community are counting on you! Please, click “Donate” and opt for a monthly or annual donation and leave your email address. I will make sure to keep you continually informed about Dianova’s activities.

See you soon!

Daniel Legault, Director, Property Manager