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The Much Appreciated Contribution of Volunteers

Dianova is dedicated to receiving volunteers support. These contributions do not replace by any means Dianova’s professional commitment which guarantees high quality standards for all its programs. However, volunteers allow Dianova’s clients to receive services that go beyond Dianova’s own resources: they bring focus; they allow Dianova to achieve excellence by some of their interventions and nourish the community network with their generosity.

In 2015, Dianova has counted on the contributions of about fifty volunteers for nearly 2,500 volunteering hours. Some volunteers intervene on a regular base in a perspective of personal involvement, and others more from time to time through corporate volunteering. That was the case of ten Place Montreal Trust employees, as well as those of Communauto who came twice this year at the Terrebonne treatment center. Once for a big spring cleaning and launch the vegetable garden for the summer, then a second time during winter for the holiday decorations.

Another project that has been achieved through volunteers involvement is the worldwide project "Help Portrait", held on December 12th. This is a movement bringing together photographers, hairdressers, makeup artists and stylists that allows vulnerable people to create a professional photo of themselves on a self-esteem strengthening perspective.

Dianova takes this opportunity to express its gratitude to its volunteers and highlight their involvement. Thank you for your efforts, your expertise and your time!

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